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Turkey and Chestnuts – a Delicious Thanksgiving Treat

Turkey Stuffed with Chestnuts

Turkey, along with sweet corn, mashed potatoes and many others, is a traditional food for Thanksgiving – and stuffing, lots of stuffing, of course. There are zillions of delicious recipes to make your turkey unique and delicious for the Thanksgiving dinner, but here is one that might not be known for many, but can make  [ Read More ]

Shops Fined for Not Opening on Thanksgiving Day


Although a strong repulsion against shops opening on Thanksgiving day, keeping workers away from their families on the holiday, can be observed among the public, the list of retailers starting their Black Friday sales early is constantly growing. As an example, Toys R Us has announced that it will open at 5 PM, along with  [ Read More ]

What to Cook for the Thanksgiving Feast?

Thanksgiving party

Turkey, potatoes, corn, squash and pumpkin – these are all traditional Thanksgiving foodstuffs. Most of us have a general idea about what to do with them – stuff the turkey, mash the potatoes, and make a pumpkin pie as a dessert. But how? Is there any way to get inspiration for a great, tasty Thanksgiving  [ Read More ]

Shops that Respect Thanksgiving, Stay Closed on Holiday

Happy Thanksgiving

There has been much debate around the shops’ opening hours on Thanksgiving Day, a holiday that people need to spend with their family, and not by working hard to serve their customers. Some shops and retail chains have announced that they are keeping their business open for the holiday, but some others refuse to do  [ Read More ]

Enjoy a Great Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving party

The traditional Thanksgiving dinner is the culmination of the celebration, but sometimes it can cost a serious amount to prepare it just the way you want it. Turkey is not cheap, especially at this time of the year, and the rest of the ingredients also must be bought and prepared for the big dinner. Here  [ Read More ]

Biggest Thanksgiving Parades in the US

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a day to count the blessings and gather around the festive table to offer thanks for all the blessing of the past year. It is a time for major events as well – many communities organize major festivals at this time of the year to celebrate the warmest holiday of the nation. Here  [ Read More ]

Inspirational Quotes for Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day is a time of giving thanks (sorry for stating the obvious, but it is) when people can express their gratitude for all the blessings they have in their lives, starting with their loved ones that gather around them (and the dinner table filled with tasty treats) on this beautiful night. It is a  [ Read More ]

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