5 Work Out Tips to Empower You to Get Fit

Starting to work out is not easy. Maintaining a good work out schedule is harder, but once you get to have a very good work out habits, everything will come easy doing your regular exercise regimen. Everyone has had lapses in working out. Here are some of the good tips in empowering yourself working out to get fit and get the habit going.

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1. Set a goal and get in over your head.

Every endeavor should start with a goal. Identify your goal and stick to it. Examples are the following: ” I want to have the body of Angelina Jolie after a year”, or ” I want to lose 20 lbs in 6 months” or “I want to gain muscles and have 4 packed abs in 3 months”. With all these goals, strengthen your commitment by signing up to a group of your choice. If you love running, then go sign up to some running clubs or in some sponsored organized training runs. If you love dancing, then, enroll in a dancing class of your choice. This will increase your interest and enjoyment being with people who enjoy doing the same thing.

2. Cut a good music, soundtrack or a movie.

Working out while listening to a playlist makes the working out easier and makes it look effortless. Watching a movie while working out like doing a treadmill makes you relaxed while your body is being pumped with sweat. It deviates your attention from the common notion that working out is a burden and therefore cuts the enjoyment and wastes time.

3. Set a workout schedule in advance.

The schedule is consistent with your achievement of the fitness goal. Let’s say you wan to lose 20 lbs in 6 months, better have a 3-4 times a week cardio work out lasting for an hour in minimum. In case that the work out gets canceled, have a plan B so as not to ruin your regimen. Lift some dumbbells, job in place or use a waist hoop or jumping rope for 20 minutes to make up for the lost session.

4. Beat the record.

Once you have already accomplished your first goal, do not get contented with doing those over and over again. Set another goal, a goal higher or more difficult than the former one so you can be challenged. If you have mastered the basics on “belly dancing”, try mastering the dance in moderate difficulty this time.

5. Reward yourself.

Just like in a job well done,  rewards are there for us to push ourselves to continue and improve more. While getting fit is your primary reward, other forms of reward different from exercising and working out include having a massage,spa, facial or buying a new dress that fits you more.

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