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5 Winter Wonders for a Beautiful Garden

Winter is finally here, with snowflakes and cold, and you might expect nothing but the frost flowers decorating your windows when it’s this cold. Nothing further from the truth, though – there are a...

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Enjoy a Great Thanksgiving Dinner

The traditional Thanksgiving dinner is the culmination of the celebration, but sometimes it can cost a serious amount to prepare it just the way you want it. Turkey is not cheap, especially at this...

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Biggest Thanksgiving Parades in the US

Thanksgiving is a day to count the blessings and gather around the festive table to offer thanks for all the blessing of the past year. It is a time for major events as well...

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Inspirational Quotes for Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is a time of giving thanks (sorry for stating the obvious, but it is) when people can express their gratitude for all the blessings they have in their lives, starting with their...

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The History Behind Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day! A day when all the family gathers around the dinner table filled with everything one’s mouth can imagine, delicious turkey and corn, and many other tasty treats (you can find some great...