Columbus Day 2010: Are banks open today?


Columbus Day: Today we celebrate the arrival of the famous Spanish explorer Christopher Columbus has arrived to the shores of America – a continent he initially thought was India. This all happened in 1492, 518 years ago. All the American people celebrate this day, as it marks the beginning of a new era for this rich and beautiful continent.

Columbus Day is a federal holiday in the US – a holiday recognized by the United States government – meaning that all non-essential federal government offices are closed today. The post offices and most of the state government agencies are also on vacation today, not to mention most of the the school districts and the bond market.

The information above is the official version: there is no list of banks, post offices and other establishments like courts and schools being open or close on this federal holiday. The only solution to be sure is to check your bank’s local branch, your school and local post offices and request information about business hours today.

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  1. OhOhSayCanYouSee says:

    Every year on this day, I’m reminded of the stories my grandmother used to tell me of how, some 500 years ago, Columbus and his men proudly landed on the shores of this continent, and stood in dimay and confusion when the natives they encountered served them a meal of welcome that consisted mainly of Sweedish Meatballs.

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