Dear women, what are you most insecure about?

weight loss Being confident, especially self-confident, is the key to a happy and successful life, especially for women, in this world called often a “man’s world”. There are several aspects of a woman’s life that she can be insecure about, that can fill her life with worries and negative thoughts, that cans alter her relationships to others and herself.

The things most women are insecure about are mostly tied to their looks, their relationships and sometimes to their finances and career, but sometimes she can be just as uneasy about her intellectual and creativity issues. Let’s see what are the most worrisome aspects of the modern woman’s life.

The looks

1. Age is one thing women are most insecure about. They wish to look young, they wish to look fresh, and usually measure their age by those other women around them, younger and older. Sometimes this can cause feelings of envy and frustration. This might be the reason why so many of them search for and buy all kinds of anti-aging cosmetics and practices, hoping for a miracle.

2. Weight is another of the issues that make women really insecure. Many of the women of our times think their weight is over the desired, ideal one, seeking newer and more efficient diets to reduce their weight. Women make the big mistake of measuring themselves to those desirable images in women’s magazines and advertising, even though they are conscious that those are the results of careful image manipulations.

3. Various physical aspects, like eye and hair color, height and breast size can be the source of many women’s frustrations. They always find one of their bodily features to be far from desirable – hair too long, breast too small, eyes too brown or lips too thin. There are many companies (cosmetics and others) that “feast” on these insecurities, selling hair dye, colored contact lenses, high-heel shoes, cosmetic surgery and lots and many makeup, so women can bring themselves closer to their ideal self image, desirable to themselves and others.

4. Desirability is another one, that about sums up all the above. Some say women worry so much about their looks because they want to be desirable – sexually speaking – to men. Openly or not, women often measure their sexual desirability against other women, younger or older, taller or shorter – and are always insecure about this issue.

The relationships

5. Relationships are really complicated, and source for many insecurities for women. When meeting a new partner, they are many times worried about how the new relationship will progress. Will he call me back, what if he just wants to sleep with me, what if he is being unfaithful, what if – after a certain point – he is not attracted to me anymore? What if he finds someone younger, taller, with bigger breasts and thinner…

6. Marriage is the next logical step. Even when married, women don’t lose their insecurity – they worry about all the above, and some other issues appear: what if he doesn’t want children? What if he wants children? What if he doesn’t find me attractive enough after I give birth?

Money and career

7. Money is one issue modern women are worried about. Being classy and beautiful costs money, and some women are really worried about how much they make. Some compare themselves with men doing the same job as them, and sometimes this can lead to allegations of discrimination, even to court.

8. Career is another issue of the modern woman. Some women settle for the role of the housewife, taking care of the children and the household while their husband works and makes all the money – other women just can’t settle for such a life. Women want a good career, women want respect for their work and, of course, substantial payment – don’t we all.

Intellect and creativity

9. Although the general image about women suggests that they care about their looks and their bank accounts the most, this is just not the truth. Women seek understanding of the world, just as men do, they seek intellectual fulfillment.

10. Creativity is tied to the above. Intellectual fulfillment is not just being able to absorb and understand information about the world around us, but also the ability to add something valuable to it. Women paint, write poetry and fiction, make movies, take photographs and create fashion items, and are always worried and insecure – just like men – about the reception of their additions to the global cultural heritage.

What is the reason of your insecurity and how can you fight it?

Anna Mitchell

She is the editor in chief of the Club Femina. She usually writes about the latest buzz. She loves fashion and shopping as she is an Information Technology student.

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