Jack-o’-lantern and other Halloween decorations

Halloween There is no Halloween without a carved pumpkin in the window or the front yard. Scary or funny, these little (or eventually big) things can help you get into the Halloween spirit.

The tradition of carving lanterns from pumpkins originate in Ireland and Britain – different varieties of vegetables were used for carving and making lanterns there. Immigrant Americans have turned to the pumpkin, much larger and readily available in their area. Thus came to being one of the symbols of the sweetest and scariest holidays, Halloween.

Of course, you don’t have to stick to the traditional pumpkin carving if you don’t want to – there are various lamps and shades that can be decorated to give the impression of a grinning pumpkinhead or a ghost during this celebration. You can use colored jars, cardboard, old steel lanterns, even plastic milk bottles – the possibilities are limitless.

You can fill large, white sacks with finely cut paper waste, cover it in a white sheet, draw a pair of big, scary black eyes and a grinning black mouth – your ghost is ready to roll. Also, you can use a large, helium filled balloon covered in a white sheet to simulate a ghost with no legs, if you want…

Don’t forget about the other decorations. Use cardboard or just plain white paper to cut out ghosts and spider webs, use black paper or water based paint to make bats and spiders, orange paint for paper pumpkins with scary grins – all the scary stuff that you can think of, so your Halloween will be as scary and fun as it can be.

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