Northwood University Graduates Afghan Women

Said Tayeb Jawad, Ambassador of Afghanistan to the U.S., to Address Graduates

A graduation ceremony for 13 female Afghan business owners who are completing a high-level, four-week business education and mentoring program at Northwood University will be held on Monday, August 4 at 10:30 a.m. at the Midland, Mich., campus’ Griswold Hall. Northwood University, in partnership with The Institute for Economic Empowerment of Women (IEEW), the United States Afghan Women’s Council and the United States Department of State, hosted the women. This is the second year for the Peace Through Businesses initiative at Northwood University.

Northwood University President Keith A. Pretty; IEEW President Terry Neese and Said Tayeb Jawad, Ambassador of Afghanistan to the United States, will address the graduates during the ceremony. Additionally, a taped message of congratulations from First Lady Laura Bush will also be played.

“Building on our history from last year, it has been amazing to see the effect of the program on the lives of its participants and those around them,” Neese said. “We anticipate the graduating class of 2008 will continue to create strong businesses and serve as mentors for other women who desire to achieve economic freedom.”


The Peace Through Business initiative began in 2007 and was an outstanding success. The nine women who participated are currently volunteering their time to encourage and educate others. While they did not know each other prior to their participation, they have established joint ventures and training modules for other local Afghan women.

“Stabilizing the Afghan economy is the path to personal freedom and democracy for the millions of people who live there,” Pretty said. “Empowering the women of the country is a major step in achieving that goal. Northwood University is honored to be able to play a continuing role in educating and mentoring these very brave women.”

Northwood faculty who are experienced in teaching entrepreneurial concepts and skills provide instruction in basic business skills, creating a business plan and capital formation. The second phase of the program will focus on long-distance learning and mentoring using technology to provide ongoing support and knowledge, helping the program participants to maintain their enterprises.

Northwood University conducts this training in English as well as in Farsi, the native language of Afghanistan. In addition, participants receive follow-up instruction and business consultation in their own languages (Farsi and Pashto) by electronic means as well as in hard copy format.

The Peace Through Business curriculum was developed by and administered by Dr. John Amin, an Afghan-American who received his degree from Kabul University and holds professor emeritus status at Northwood.

“This program is unique in that it will allow the participants to take their education and experience back home to share their knowledge with others, a critical component to building a system of economic health in Afghanistan,” Amin said.


Northwood University is committed to the most personal attention to prepare students for success in their careers and in their communities; it promotes critical thinking skills and personal effectiveness, and the importance of ethics, individual freedom and responsibility.

Private, nonprofit and accredited, Northwood University specializes in managerial and entrepreneurial education at three full-service, residential campuses located in southern Florida, mid-Michigan, and northern Texas. Adult Degree Programs are available in eight states with many course delivery options including online. The DeVos Graduate School offers full-time and evening master’s degree programs for entrepreneurs and executives in Michigan, Texas and Switzerland. The Alden B. Dow Creativity Center on the Midland, Michigan campus specializes in creative thinking and innovation development. International education is offered through terms abroad and in Program Centers in Switzerland, China, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. Northwood University also operates the Margaret Chase Smith Library in Maine.

Said Tayeb Jawad is the current Ambassador of Afghanistan to the United States. He was appointed on December 4, 2003, by President Hamid Karzai. Under the leadership of Ambassador Jawad, the Embassy of Afghanistan is emerging as one of the most successful missions in Washington DC. He also serves as Afghanistan’s non-resident Ambassador to Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and Argentina. Ambassador Jawad returned to Afghanistan four months after September 11, 2001 to assist in the nation’s rebuilding process. He has also worked closely with President Karzai in formulating strategies, implanting politics, building national institutions and prioritizing reforms in Afghanistan.

Source: Northwood University

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  1. unknown says:

    first of all these women donk know shit about business, they came to USA because they had connections. and they are there just to have fun, if it is a learning program as you wrote “completing a high-level, four-week business education” . NO it was not a High level of education, i was there in year 2007, they did not even know english, how could they GRADUATE, and Dr Amin (joker) does not know proper farsi and this year one of the girls who was at the same program last year is here and doing the same program over with her sister, what happend did she flunked the last graduation and will graduate this year and Mr Amin which is full of excuses say she is my assistant, ooooh for god sake, it is now a rocket science to teach those women if He is Afghan and knows the language, overall he graduated from Kabul University, any way my point is Afghanistan is not getting ahead ever and not moving forward with these stupid programs, instead of waisting all the money and efford on these programs so these women can come and have fun get seriuse and open a school down there and teach more of them think of all the money air plane, accomodations, food,and much much more you could establish 10 business schools down there, if you are smart enough and know how to teach them business why come all the way down here , yeh and some of them will end up scaping, lets see how many more scapes this time,

    gooooo luck

  2. unknown says:

    i know heeey i am totally agree with the perfect coment. instead of all these stupid stuff help them built some schools down there,

  3. matt says:

    yeh big deal they graduated and dont know any thing, the main thing is to apply it to their life which those poor women dont have the freedom down there. i was in Army and been there and seen those poor women so stop waisting your money,and time loooool

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