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  1. Phibrus Nosher says:

    Everytime I hit the can at work, guaranteed, I am playin’ the BEST maze games. Even in silent restroom with a buddy in the next stall ‘droppin his kids off at the pool’, I am PLAYIN’ away, YO!!!! At home= = = crosswords.

  2. reyes says:

    yes its true men and teens do, do this (dodo lol) i play on my psp while im on the toliet and i tell u time passes by like i forget im in my bathroom, or mcdonalds, or barbershop, or bk, or theathers, or girlfriend house, yeahhhh……….? a hour can feel like a minute.

  3. Curtisbeef says:

    Its all fun and games till you find someone’s shit on your controller

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