Pope Benedict approves condom use against AIDS

Pope Benedict XVI approves condom in fight against AIDS Birth control was always a sensitive point for the Catholic church, it being in disapproval of it for a really long time. The most popular means of birth control, the condom, was repeatedly disapproved by the Vatican – it is said to interfere with the creation of life.

There is another aspect of condom use that was finally accepted by the Church – the one of saving lives, instead of stopping them from being conceived. Although, according to the Pope, the best policy in avoiding being infected is abstinence, condoms are the next best thing in cases when the intention is to reduce the chances of infection.

As he said, there are certain cases when using a condom is a first bit of responsibility to redevelop the understanding that not everything is permitted. According to him, this is, though, not the proper way to deal with STD’s, especially HIV.

This new concept will be published in a book released by the Vatican next week – a book based on the first face-to-face interview given by Pope Benedict XVI.

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3 Responses

  1. Rahima says:

    Great progress! Now male prostitutes became a vrivileged cast for the Roman catholic Church! They are aproved to do what other people should not do, so they can do their business without any risks of being punished by God with and HIV infection.

    I think the Church needs to allow marriages for their priests to avoid satanic ideas similar to this one. Roman Catholic Curch seems to attract the kind of priests who are not very straight in their heads and then we have repeated problems with harrassment of kids and comments like this one.

  2. Anna Mitchell says:

    Self preservation is a must nowadays, even for a Catholic priest 🙂

  3. denis khan says:

    The Pope has brilliantly shown the human side of he Catholic Church, by approving condoms for Gay & bisexual men,who would otherwise have been stricken by Aids. The ruling does not contradict the pro-life stance of the Church which prohibits any interference in the reproductive chain.
    The Church is a hospital for sinner,not a club for saints.

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