Simply Brilliant, the Miele Brilliant White Plus

Architects and designers have long revered the color white for its ability to harmonize and balance space. White is often interpreted as an absence of color, but its impact on design is significant.

Miele Brilliant White Plus Series Renowned architect, Mies van der Rohe celebrated the color white in his now infamous Farnsworth House. Considered by many to be one of the most important examples of modernist domestic architecture, the Farnsworth House combines transparent continuous glass walls with pristine white steel framing to create a classically minimalist structure.

Miele employed a similar respect for pure lines and transparency when creating the new Brilliant White Plus Series of built-in appliances. Inspired by five core ideas – concept, form, elements, continuity and detail, this new collection offers design professionals a unique group of appliance solutions.

To develop a collection of understatedly elegant appliances which celebrate the color white.

To create cool, crisp design lines where the color white subtly integrates into the space.

To accentuate the streamlined chrome handles, sleek white glass doors and intuitive Navitronic™ touch controls.

To offer considerable design flexibility and a blueprint consistent with all Miele appliance exteriors.

To provide a full suite of culinary appliances including: 30″ Convection Oven, Steam Oven, Speed Oven, Whole Bean Coffee System and Plate and Cup Warmer.

“Architects have wanted a white appliance design solution from Miele for a long time,” said Dirk Sappok , Product Manager for Miele. “The Brilliant White Plus Series tests the limits of design, demonstrating what can be achieved through color options that stimulate the imagination – the true embodiment of Immer Besser .”

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