St. Patrick’s Day Style Trends By Stauer

Stauer jewelry

In 2012, the National Retail Federation expects that half of Americans will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, spending about $35 per person for a total of $4.6 billion in sales. Retailers, such as online and catalog jewelry company Stauer (,¬†are taking notice of this surge in buyer interest, offering consumers affordable options to get them in the celebratory spirit.

(PhFestive accessories have long been a style staple of St. Patrick’s Day. Now, consumers are taking St. Patrick’s Day style more seriously, choosing wardrobe elements that can be worn throughout the year.

Of course that verdant, vibrant green hasn’t gone anywhere. But instead of silly hats, men are donning silk ties. Instead of plastic beads, women are wearing the real thing. And jewelry retailers like Stauer are making it easier than ever to be sure you can look your best without giving up your whole pot o’ gold.

“Customers want options for St. Patrick’s Day,” said Mike Bisceglia, president of Stauer. “And we want to be sure they’ve got affordable options that aren’t made of plastic and are a little more versatile.”

If you’re looking to “go green” with something that can be more than a one-time wear, Stauer is offering a gorgeous green five-strand Peridot Torsade Necklace (400 carats) for $99. If you want to invest in the Irish look a little more subtly, Stauer offers a 4-leaf Clover Necklace dipped in 24K gold for only $79.

Founded in 2005, Stauer is one of the largest direct retailers of jewelry, watches and accessories in the United States with annualized sales over $200 million.

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