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The Daily, a new iPad-only news source

News Corporation CEO Rupert Murdoch and Apple CEO Steve Jobs are said to be preparing a new online newspaper that will be available only for iPad users. The new publication, containing daily news, would be called The Daily, and it will be available to subscribers for a rather small price: $0.99 per week. The Daily  [ Read More ]

Apple: Thinner iPad for 2011


This year’s hit was surely the iPad –  a handy-dandy tablet device with a low weight and a huge touchscreen, that will probably dominate the American gadget markets for this holiday season. But this year will come to an end shortly, and with the change of the year iPad needs to change too. In this  [ Read More ]

Apple announcement November 16: The Beatles catalog on iTunes

the beatles on itunes

An Apple iTunes announcement was expected today by everyone, but a lot of people were suspecting what it was all about. The iTunes announcement says that The Beatles, one of the most successful bands in music history, finally has its music on Apple’s service. It did take Apple a lot to achieve this, but now  [ Read More ]

Apple prepares an iTunes announcement for tomorrow

iTunes Announcement

Tomorrow is just another day. That you’ll never forget. This is the message Apple fans were encountered by when visiting Apple’s web page today. The announcement will be made at 7AM / 10AM tomorrow in the US, 3PM in London and midnight in Tokyo. iTunes has just had an update: version 10.1 introduced support for  [ Read More ]

Apple iTunes 10.1 hits the web

iTunes Announcement

Apple has released the latest version of its own digital media player / media shopping platform, the iTunes. The new version – 10.1 – brings several new features, including the support for Apple’s new technology called AirPlay. AirPlay has evolved from AirTunes, an application that takes the music from the user’s iTunes library and broadcasts  [ Read More ]

Apple phases out Xserve

Good bye Xserve, Welcome Mac Pro

Apple’s Xserve product line, containing server configurations, has served the company well since 2002. In the meantime, though, as Mac Pros have become more and more powerful, this product line has proven to be obsolete, so Apple has decided to let it go. The last Xserve systems will be delivered on January 31 2011 with  [ Read More ]

Microsoft launched Office 2011 for Mac

Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac

Although Microsoft and Apple have been competitors for years, lots of Mac users like (or must) use Microsoft Office in a “Windows-centered” world. The new version of Microsoft’s productivity suite is for them: Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac is out now, and it offers cloud support as well as a completely rebuilt version of Outlook.  [ Read More ]

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