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Four minerals important for your body


You need vitamins and minerals, in order for your body to function properly. You need minerals to keep you health. Many athletes are taking mineral supplements in order to be in shape. The truth is that minerals are vital for all living cells. Minerals have an important role in the formation of blood and bone  [ Read More ]


Between suggestions from your mother and Dr. Oz, it’s easy to get confused about supplements. We know that vitamins prevent disease and promote health, but what do we know about the actual quality of the vitamins we ingest? Dr. Brian Clement is the author of  a provocative new book, Supplements Exposed: The Truth They Don’t  [ Read More ]

New Report Equates Dried Fruits and Fresh Fruits

fresh fruits

Internationally recognized health researchers presented their views at the recent 30th World Nut & Dried Fruit Congress, recommending that food policy makers consider dried fruits equivalent to fresh fruits in dietary recommendations around the world. The presentations recognized that traditional, no-sugar added dried fruits, such as raisins, dried plums (prunes), figs, dates, apricots and apples  [ Read More ]


The new United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) food plate icon illustrates in a simple but powerful way how consumers can eat a healthy diet, every day and at every meal. The MyPlate icon, which replaces the MyPyramid image used since 1992, depicts proportional wedges of grains, fruits, vegetables and protein on a plate.  Grains  [ Read More ]

Top 5 Culinary Trends for Summer 2011


From Italian Pinot Grigio to Spicy Korean Influences, Worldly Cuisine is Hotter than Ever Summer is just around the corner and that means it’s almost time for outdoor soirees, family barbeques and warm-weather fare.  In anticipation of these sun-filled days, Certified Sommelier and four-time cookbook author Chef Jamie Gwen has announced her top five culinary  [ Read More ]


Most Americans believe drinking wine is good for your heart but are unaware of recommended alcohol limits, and most mistakenly believe sea salt is a low-sodium alternative to regular table salt, according to a new survey about these common products. The American Heart Association surveyed 1,000 American adults to assess their awareness and beliefs about  [ Read More ]

food elements

This week the U.S. government released the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans with few changes since the 2005 version. The guidelines continue to urge Americans to keep their calorie intake from saturated fat to less than 10 percent and lower the amount of trans fat in their diet to as low as possible. The guidelines  [ Read More ]

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