Ten Good Advices For A Perfect Thanksgiving Holiday

Happy Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is a holiday when we give our thanks to the pilgrims, we thank our parents for providing us with everything we need. This holiday is special for every American family. It’s a holiday when everyone gets together and enjoys the warmth of a family dinner.

And speaking of holidays, here are 10 advices worth reading if you’re planning on having the best Thanksgiving holiday ever!

1. Calculate your budget!
Yes, it’s Thanksgiving, a holiday that is celebrated one a year but that doesn’t mean you have to spent all your saving on this occasion. Put some money away just for the Thanksgiving dinner, shop for something nice for your family only and make sure you don’t spent more than you earn. After all, I doubt you’ll want to thank anyone if the Thanksgiving bill is more than you can handle.

2. Write down a list with everything you need!
Before you leave the house for groceries, make up a list with everything you need. Ask your family what they want to eat at the Thanksgiving dinner and note down all the ingredients you need. If you don’t make a list you’ll get tempted to buy too many things that might come in handy although you don’t actually need them.

And never ever go shopping for groceries on an empty stomach!

3. Don’t exaggerate!
We all love our family Thanksgiving dinners but that doesn’t mean you have to buy food and accessories that you won’t need. Be sure to buy everything you need within the budget you have set for this occasion. Not a penny more!

4. Go shopping early!
I’ve seen it almost every year: people fighting over food, turkey and all sorts of things they want to have for Thanksgiving. Don’t do that! In fact, if you do your groceries early in the morning, as soon as the shops opened, you won’t need to fight anyone over that turkey or that honey ham.

Remember: the early bird catches the worm!

5. Plan the perfect route!
Whenever there’s a holiday, there’s traffic! It’s like everybody is out on the street, in their cars and driving around. Well, just like you, there are millions of other people who are out shopping for a perfect Thanksgiving dinner. But if you plan your route you’ll avoid traffic lines, lights and even long lines at stores. It’s really a good way to stay calm and have time for everything you need on Thanksgiving!

6. Keep your calm!
The holidays are making people anxious, nervous, stressed. You don’t need to be stressed out if you have a plan: a fix budget, a plan, a shopping list and your route to shopping. If you’re organized and disciplined you’ll be able to keep your calm better than most of the people who don’t have a plan!

7. Pay Cash and avoid credits!
If you want to have peaceful holidays, you need you get rid of all the debts and credits and enjoy a nice family dinner paid with what you’ve put away for special occasions. And this leads again to the first point: always set up a fix budget and don’t spent anything over it. Don’t pay with your credit card, don’t shop for expensive things you can’t afford. Psychologically speaking you have better chances to enjoy a nice family Thanksgiving holiday if you don’t have credits!

8. Organize a theme night
Use your imagination and find a theme everyone will love. Make Thanksgiving cards with funny quotes, decorate a room with feathers and all sorts of things you love.

9. Invite friends who are from out of town
We all have friends who are out of town and due to job reasons they aren’t able to get home to their families for Thanksgiving. But that doesn’t mean you should leave them alone on this special holiday. Where two people are eating, there’s always room for one more, my grandma used to say and she was very right. This might be a good opportunity to know more about your friends.

10. Give a party!
It’s not unusual for young Americans to party on Thanksgiving. In fact, it is a good way to socialize with other people whom you wouldn’t have the chance to talk. And a great party means you don’t have to worry about the cooked turkey or about a great dinner.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Anna Mitchell

She is the editor in chief of the Club Femina. She usually writes about the latest buzz. She loves fashion and shopping as she is an Information Technology student.

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