Top 10 Halloween costumes: Cheap, funny and impressive

The most wonderful time of the year. No, it’s not Christmas, it’s Halloween – a time for costumes, trick-or-treating and party. Speaking of costumes, this being a year with crisis looming above our heads, you might want to save some money, but still be impressive at tonight’s party.

Here is a top 10 of the cheapest, but most impressive Halloween costumes to give you some creative ideas this year:

10. Metroid costume
Halloween costumes Metroid All you need is some cardboard, some paint and a good idea. Paint the pixelated video game character of your choice, cut it our and be awesome (or a geek).

9. Minecraft
Halloween costumes Minecraft

Still video game characters, but this time in 3D. Mojang’s cube-like characters can inspire funny costumes.

8. Tetris

Halloween costumes Tetris

Speaking of cubes – this is a great idea for you and your significant other. Just to show others what a great match you two are. Instructions

7. Jack Torrance

Halloween costumes Jack Torrance

An epic scene from the 1980 classic, Stanley Kubrick version of The Shining. Might even scare the hell out of some. Make your own.

6. Terrance and Phillip

Halloween costumes Terrance

Crappy graphics, fart jokes, rude lines – these made South Park one of the most successful series of our times. Costume for two.

5. Arthur Dent

Halloween costumes Arthur Dent

Douglas Adams’ immortal character from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. All you need can be found in the bathroom. Make yours.

4. Pikachu

Halloween costumes Pikachu

It never goes out of style. Watch out – someone might catch you with a Pokeball… Make your own.

3. Gotye

Halloween costumes Gotye

Makes you look like a Picasso. Really artistic costume – it might even come in handy if you try to blend in.

2. Velma from Scooby Doo

Halloween costumes Velma from Scooby Doo

Although she is the brains of the team, she is also hot – people appreciate her for her… well, brains.

1. Trollface

Halloween costumes Trollface

Surely the easiest to make and the best known of them all.

Impress, have fun and save money this Halloween.

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