Top 100 Twitter feeds for Women’s Health

Are you a woman and health nut with a Twitter account? Then combine those two passions by checking out the below. It contains the 100 best Twitter feeds for women’s health and are full of expert information, even if you’re a man.

Best Twitter Feeds for Women’s Health From a Doctor

These leading doctors tweet on expert health information that is useful for the whole family.

1. Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Dr. Gupta is the Chief Medical Correspondent for CNN and an accomplished neurosurgeon. Along with tweets on health tips, he also has links to many useful pictures.

2. Kevin Pho: With an equally popular blog, Dr. Kevin is a primary care physician in New Hampshire. Tweets provide commentary on medicine, health, drugs, reform, and issues.

3. Robin A. Eckert: Robin is a doctor and professor in Laguna Beach. Tweets are both health and spiritually centered.

4. Dr. Mehmet Oz: A regular on the Oprah show, he is about to launch his own. Get tips on health, along with his daily life, from these tweets.

5. Dr. Drew: Host of “Lovelines” and “Celebrity Rehab,” Dr. Drew is a leading expert in the area of mental health. Read his tweets for advice, as well as items that interest him.

6. Dr. Ellen: She is a gadget loving doctor with a particular love for smart phones. Get information for both health minded and technology loving women on these tweets.

7. A Disease A Day: Dr. Roy Schwartz features a different disease each day on his blog. Learn more about today’s disease or get links to useful health information.

8. Mark Hyman, M.D.: He is a pioneer in the underlying biological cause of diseases like ADHD, Autism, depression, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes. Get tweets on how to maintain your health easily and safely here.

9. Jay Gordon: He is a pediatrician and activist from Santa Monica. Get information for both moms and kids here.

10. Dr. Anonymous: He is a family physician and internet radio host from Ohio. Tweets are often on his day and greetings to his followers.

11. The Kid’s Doctor: A pediatrician and journalist, both mothers, host a radio show on their lives. Tweets are almost exclusively on news items and tips for keeping your children healthy.

Best Twitter Feeds for a Women’s Health From an OB/GYN

Get expert tips and tweets for your health from these women-focused doctors.

12. Jo Lynn Hawthorne: She has been an OB/GYN doctor for 18 years and has recently turned to weight loss management. Get expert health tips, as well as diet tips, from her.

13. Shelley Binkley: She is from Western Colorado and blogs about women’s health and advancing sustainable healthcare. Followers often respond to her tweets with suggestions and even criticism.

14. Dr. Anupama: You can find her as the online gynecologist at live Tweets often involve health tips.

15. Jose Bolanos: Jose is a Stanford trained OB/GYN and infertility specialist. Follow his tweets for tips, links, and daily life.

Best Twitter Feeds for Women’s Health From a Medical Professional

Go beyond traditional doctors and gynecologists and get tweets from administrators, pharmaceutical experts, and more.

16. Medicine Community: Also known as druginfo, visitors can share their drug related questions and stories in the community. Tweets often involve a drug and the condition it treats.

17. Happyhospitalis: A popular blogger, he runs an anonymous hospital in the United States. Tweets are often on health items of interest.

18. Dr. Steven Shuel: He is passionate about natural healing using the latest in nutritional and dietary interventions. Get links to easy and natural ways to improve your health by checking out his tweets.

19. Linda Miner: She is part of and is a nutritionist and wellness guide. Food recommendations and studies often occupy her tweets.

20. Joyce Schneider: Joyce is a cardiologist and gives health information including antioxidant recipes that are hi-protein, low carb, and low fat. Along with recipes, she also tweets on items of interest.

21. Kristie McNealy: Kristie received her MD degree, but the premature birth of her second daughter caused her to indefinitely postpone residency training. Learn what she is up to know by checking out her tweets.

22. Silja: Also known as whydotpharma, she is from Switzerland. Silja also believes that pharmaceuticals can create better patient focus through the social media.

23. drug monkey: He is a self described “antisocial raging left wing pharmacist.” Tweets are on the pharmaceutical business and anything else that catches his attention.

Best Twitter Feeds for Women’s Health From a Nurse

In addition to working with women, they often are women. Get health related tweets from both male and female nurses below.

24. Christian Nurse: From London, CN brings you news, views, and resources for Christians in nursing and other health areas. Although taking a tweeting break for the summer, there is still interesting discussion on healthcare in both the U.S. and U.K.

25. Emily McGee: She is a flight nurse and a commander in the U.S. Army Reserve. Her page is full of interesting tweets on all aspects of her life.

26. Dan Weberg: Also known as Nurse Dan, he is an ER nurse working on a PhD. Get tweets on happenings at the hospital, along with items that interest him.

27. Geek2Nurse: She is a nurse who works in an inpatient psych unit in the Pacific Northwest. If you like her tweets, you can click over to her blog with much more.

28. Chris H. RN, MSN: He is the author of “Nurses Are From Heaven,” which contains messages of inspiration and faith for nurses. Tweets are often links to similar headlines and thoughts.

29. impactednurse: Ian Miller is a registered nurse with nearly 23 years experience working in the Emergency Department of a major teaching hospital in Australia. Check out his regularly updated tweets, or visit his website with more health information.

30. humglum: She stands out as a nurse who works in a prison in Maryland. In addition to her interesting job, she also blogs about running and things she likes.

31. TeriRN: This travel nurse specializes in hospice care in Utah. Along with nursing, she also tweets about her Christian faith.

Best Twitter Groups for Women’s Health

Join these groups to meet and tweet with others who are interested in women’s health.

32. Healthcare: With many tweets a day, this active group is worth a look. It is sponsored by and even has book recommendations.

33. AlternativeMedicine: Join this group to get the latest natural and alternative medicine. On this page you can even tweet back if you don’t have a Twitter account.

34. Organicfood: Nathan Rice runs this group for those who love organic food and the lifestyle. Join the over 100 members, or visit to learn more.

35. Magic bin binlogs: Also known as Magic Moms, they are based in Florida. They don’t tweet often, but you can meet other women like you.

Best Twitter Feeds for Pregnant Women’s Health

The hardest nine months of your life just got a little easier with these tweets for pregnant women.

36. March of Dimes: Get daily pregnancy tips from Beverly Robertson of the Pregnancy & Newborn Health Education Center at the March of Dimes. In addition to help during pregnancy, there are also tweets on interesting links.

37. TheBump: Kate and Shannon are from New York and talk about everything involving pregnancy and kids. Get tweets on daily life, along with tips for being a mom.

38. Dina & Jen: BabyCenter is a leading community just for pregnant women. Follow the ladies tweets to get tips for mom.

39. surebaby: Another online community, this one is for both moms and expectant moms. Tweets center around the latest in parenting and pregnancy.

40. sherrycnm: Sherry is a mom, RN, and midwife in Texas. Tweets are mostly on health issues concerning pregnant women.

41. Lamaze International: Read these tweets for tips on pregnancy, birth, and beyond. There is also a link back to the website with tons of help for expectant mothers.

42. SarahStewart: In addition to being a midwife, she is also a project manager, researcher, and PhD candidate in New Zealand. In addition to daily life, she also takes the time to answer many of her tweets.

43. Samantha Evans: Get midwifery from a student’s point of view on these tweets. She is from Seattle and is also a knitter, future aunt, jogger, and celebrity gossip enthusiast.

Best Twitter Feeds for Women’s Health From the Government

Your taxes paid for these tweets, so be sure to check them out for the best in women’s health and beyond.

44. CDC Emercengy: The Centers for Disease Control tweets to prepare for and respond to public health emergencies. Tweets are on flu, E. coli, and other diseases.

45. Womenshealth: is part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services on Women’s Health. Tweets deal with many health issues as they relate to women.

46. U.S. FDA: Get the latest information on the Food and Drug Administrations recalls by following their tweets. They also have market withdrawals and safety alerts.

47. U.S. NIH: Get the unofficial news stream from the National Institute of Health here. A highlight of the tweets is the regularly updated breakthroughs in medicine and care.

Best Twitter Feeds for Women’s Health From an Institution

Funded with private donations, these institutions still manage to put out impressive tweets for the health of both women and men.

48. Doug Ulman: He is the president and CEO of Livestrong and even a cancer survivor. Learn what he is up to and happenings in the foundation by following him.

49. WHO News: This is the official channel of the World Health Organization in Geneva. Get the latest in worldwide pandemics, outbreaks, and more here.

50. Mayo Clinic: With locations all across the country, these hospitals are leaders in the healthcare field. Get the latest news, podcasts, and articles from them by following their tweets.

51. American Red Cross: Be ready for a disaster and get safety tips from this official Twitter stream. They also include updates on brewing storms and reports afterwards.

52. WebMD_Blogs: A leading provider in health information, they also have expert blogs on all sorts of health topics. Keep up with the latest posts by following them.

53. American Medical Association: The AMA helps both doctors and patients by uniting them to work on pressing health issues. Tweets often deal with their latest press releases.

54. Harvard Health: Get health information from 8,000 faculty physicians at Harvard Medical School and its affiliated hospitals here. Their tweets are mostly on the latest in health news and developments.

55. SSM Healthcare: This Catholic health system consists of 15 hospitals and two nursing homes. Tweets are on hospital updates and health tips.

Best Twitter Feeds for Women’s Health From a Publication

These newspapers and magazines have special sections and tweets for all aspects of health, including women’s.

56. Health Magazine: With hundreds of thousands of followers, this community of Twitter contributors is worth a look. Get tweets on everything from women’s health to how professional athletes stay fit.

57. Women’s Health Mag: This magazine is a guide to looking and feeling great. Tweets bring you the latest in health, fitness, beauty, and more.

58. WSJ Health Blog: “The Wall Street Journal’s” health blog is a leading source of health news and the healthcare business. With several tweets a day, you can choose the headline you like the most, click on it, and read the entry online.

59. NYTimesHealth: These tweets focus on the health minded articles at “The New York Times.” Latest tweets deal with FDA warnings, flu vaccines, and addictions.

60. Tara Parker-Pope: Another blogger from “The New York Times,” she sifts through research and opinions to help readers take control of their health. Recent tweets focus on healing a hamstring, cancer, and health reform.

61. American Journal of Nursing: Get loads of information on women’s health on these tweets. They often link to articles of interest on health, reform, and more.

62. Experience Life: This magazine shows you how to be both healthy and happy. Tweets often link back to articles from the publication that you can read for free.

63. Be Healthy: This magazine is published in Michigan by Booth Newspapers. Tweets are often health related and provide useful links.

64. TIME: Although this magazine focuses its tweets on breaking news and current events, you can still get tweets on health.

Best Twitter Feeds for Women’s Health From the Media

Go beyond print publications and get the best in onscreen health tweets.

65. MSNBC Health: Get health, diet, and nutrition news from this network. Tweets often involve the latest in health related headlines.

66. Discovery Health: A popular television channel, it brings you health information, tips, tools, and support. Get updates on their latest shows or links to health minded topics via their tweets.

67. NPR Health: Get health news straight from the science department of National Public Radio. Recent tweets are on healthcare reform and new developments.

68. CNN Health: Although a young tweet, you can still find relevant health information here. Tweets include links to the latest headlines in the health section of CNN.

69. Medical News Net: Written by the Elsevier Global Medical Network, reporters cover hundreds of medical meetings each year across the United States and around the world. Tweets often involve their latest headlines.

Best Twitter Feeds for Women’s Health From a Woman

Follow these ordinary women as they tweet about health and more.

70. Sarah Brown: She is the leader of Million Mums, which aims to end the needless deaths of women in childbirth all over the world. With nearly 600,000 Twitter followers, she is halfway there and shares what you can do to help.

71. MomLogic: From California, this popular Twitter user provides real advice for real moms. Current health related tweets include life expectancy, pregnancy, and addiction.

72. Fit Over Fifty: Believing there are no miracles, this Twitter user believes in exercising regularly and eating a balanced diet. Tweets often contain tips on how to do just that, and she often answers followers questions.

73. Mariel Hemingway: Also an actress, she currently lives through organic food, breath movement and sacred space. Learn more about her life by stopping by her tweets.

74. TheMedicalMom: She is a mom who has spent a career working in healthcare marketing and communications. Her tweets focus on family and child health issues, along with those for women.

75. special_needs: She is mother to a child with Angelman Syndrome and a blogger. Tweets are often on life as a special needs mother and links to related items.

Best Twitter Feeds for Women’s Health Reform

A hot button issue, stay on top of the latest news and opinions by checking out these tweets.

76. Phil Baumann: He explores ideas about how our lives, businesses, and health care are changing as a result of the web. Questions are often asked of the readers, along with retweets to go with them.

77. THCBstaff: The Healthcare Blog is a popular choice among those seeking information on the system. Tweets alert to new blog posts, which cover both sides of the debate.

78. Commonwealth Fund: Located in New York, this private foundation is working toward a high performance health system. Get tweets on the latest developments in health here.

79. CPRights: Conservative Patients Rights believes the path to effective healthcare is based on the patient doctor relationship. The “Today’s Daily Dose” tweets are often on developments in health reform.

80. Trisha Torrey: She is part of Every Patient’s Advocate where she helps patients help themselves. Tweets are often on topics in the healthcare field and followers are invited to join in on the discussion.

81. BigGovHealth: Like the name of the Twitter user, they do not believe in big government taking over healthcare. Latest tweets include President Obama updates and townhall meetings.

82. Patients’ Rights: PR works to ensure that doctors and patients make decisions, not government bureaucrats. With health reform at the top of the news, there are many tweets per day here.

83. InstForLegalReform: The ILR is a national campaign with a mission to make the American legal system simpler, fairer, and faster. Learn how this issues effects health by checking out their tweets.

Best Twitter Feeds for Women’s Nutrition

Because you are what you eat, check out these Twitter feeds for tips on diet, nutrition, and recipes.

84. Whole Foods Market: With its headquarters in Austin, this market provides its followers with “Fresh Organic Tweets.” Get information on nutrition, recipes, and health from their tweets.

85. Cooking Light: This magazine shows women how to eat smart, be fit, and live well. Get loads of recipes, along with tips on what foods to eat, here.

86. Allergies Web: Not just airborne, allergies can also come in your food. Tweets are all about living with and treating many different sorts of allergies.

87. FitMenu: Learn how to eat healthy at restaurants by following these tweets. They center on tips, links, and other resources to help.

88. Cat Cora: A popular chef who has been appearing on television for years, she tweets on what she does. Tweets are mostly on daily life and links to recipes.

89. The Veggie Queen: Whether a vegetarian or looking to incorporate more veggies into your diet, these tweets are worth a look. They focus on this alternative lifestyle and tips for living it.

90. Karen Ansel: She is a dietician who believes that healthy eating can taste great. Get loads of tips for healthy food preparation by following her tweets.

91. Maya E. Nahra: Another dietician, she is the owner of Whole Body Nourishment in Arizona. Get nutrition and health minded tweets by following her.

Best Twitter Feeds for Alternative Women’s Health

Try checking out these Twitter feeds for tips on alternative medicine, specific conditions, and more on health.

92. GHC health: The Global Health Center is located in Houston and specializes in natural health and organic living. This popular Twitter user has tons of tips on easy ways to maintain or improve your health.

93. RealAge: Two doctors from San Diego invite you to live your life to the youngest. Tweets focus on news, recipes, and news.

94. Breast Cancer News: Get the latest in research and treatment for breast cancer on this stream.

95. dLife: Diabetic women can check out these tweets just for them and other sufferers of the disease. Tweets include the latest news, tips for management, and more.

96. PamAveryMD: Pam is a pain physician from Wisconsin who loves natural medicine. Tweets are on pain management and daily life.

97. Arthritis Foundation: Located in Western Pennsylvania, these tweets are ideal for women who suffer from this condition. Get tips on arthritis and related diseases, as well as news on what they are up to.

98. MassageWellness: This is a spa located in Michigan. They tweet on alternative treatments for disease and things that interest them.

99. Health, Fitness, Diet: This is the official tweet stream of GensisPURE health products. Tweets are almost all health related, and you can click on their site to learn more about what they sell.

100. HealthHelps: These anonymous Canadian bloggers provide health information to help their followers make informed decisions. Recent tweets were on marijuana and functional fitness.

Be sure to check with your physician or doctor before following the advice found on these 100 best Twitter feeds for women’s health. But don’t be afraid to ask about a tip, recipe, or health plan you learned about.

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