Top Ten Things Men Hate About Women

Top Ten Things Men Hate About Women1. Take it easy baby! Women always need to discuss the relationship. Why can they just take it as it comes.

2. Shop till I drop! They love shopping! Not only is the list endless, they have to check 10 different things before the
y finally buy the one they first saw. Have it your way, lady, but leave us out of it.

3. Never satisfied: You never get to reach a party on time. They spend hours preening in front of the mirror and then stress about someone turning up in the same outfit. Have you ever hear a man say “Oh no, I’m so embarrassed, there’s another man wearing a black tuxedo.”

4. Fashion: Her tastes in fashion changes every so frequently that you either run out breath trying to catch up, or end up wondering whether you are too dumb to catch up.

5. They notice the minutest things: Why do women have to criticize other women on everything from hairstyle to shoes and everything in between? Only a woman can notice something as trivial as the purse not matching the shoes!

6. Jealousy! Nothing can beat that. Sometimes, it only so little as the mention of another woman’s name and you could down on you knees licking her feet like dog.

7. Possessiveness! Women seem to have a serous security issues. How else would you explain their need for men to hold them, and tell them how special they are? The claim to be the modern woman of the 21st century, and suddenly become extremely insecure once they finally fall in love.

8. The ‘testing’ thing you do… Women love to test men by throwing obscure theoretical questions like “What are you thinking”. Then they just stand there arms crossed, foot tapping waiting for the right answer by which we can prove that we are their “soul-mates”.

9. Oh, those tears! They cry over everything from a broken nail to a movie on TV. But it’s really the pits when they use their tears to emotionally blackmail us.

10. “Holier than thou” attitude, ugh! They never admit to having had fooled around with other men. And, they are always complaining about how much work they do around the house, no matter how much work we do.

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3 Responses

  1. Tina says:

    Men also Hate it when woman act like men!

  2. ryan says:

    what really pisses of men, is that women dont understand that we dont give a damn about almost anyting. go do whatever the hell you want, i dont care whats for dinner. i dont care. my mom tries manipulating my dad all the time. he doesnt care, she doesnt have to manipulate him, he doesnt care. women go through so much to manipulate, when 75 percent of the time you could just ask the damn question. why? we just dont care, we do so much to make u freakin happy and you still dont think we love u, or that something is wrong cuz we dont care. if you were my girlfriend and stared at me for a hour and wondered what i was thinking and even asked me. literally nothing, thats why men are idiots, and ur right on that one, but literally nothing. i dont know, maybe thats just me. wait, what the hell am i saying? its every guy i have ever known. i have had a woman that i tried really hard to make happy and feel special, wtf. every guy friend i have calls me in confusion cuz of there girl friend, why they assume i have the answers i dont know. but its never enough. and we dont even care, we want to make you happy. and on that note of everyone asking me what to do. we dont know what the hell we are doing until we are like 25 on avg. absolutely no idea what the hell is going on in a relationship. my little brother is 21 and he is so lost its not even funny. i had to tell him what to text his girlfriend. and i screwed it up even worse. we had two male brains working together, his relationship went backwards. and on my last note. whats right in a relationship is 80 percent what the girl wants. they dont get it. there is common sense in the world with laws, edicet, and manors. but whats common sense in a relationship is what the girl wants. thats what most men do. its what u want. just know that. uhhh….. i dont even remember what the hell im really writing about. ill stop here.

  3. Chrystal says:

    Ease up! Men aye! You all complain about being grouped together and now looky here!

    1) Me and my boyfriend talk about our relationship from time to time, HE’ll bring it up half as much as me.

    2) I’m not that fussed about shopping, lots of women aren’t…it’s just a stereotype on tv. Obviously we all need to go at some point else we don’t look good.

    3) I’m ready on time! Always 🙂 Again, not all girls!

    4) Yeah…really not that into shopping.

    5) Everyone likes to bitch now and then, not about matching things though. If I say something it has to be pretty horrendous, HUGE women in short short skirts are an awesome laugh!

    6) My boyfriend is more jealous than me, that’s a trait just as likely in men. That’s not to say I don’t get jealous because obviously I care. But it takes a lot, mentioning a name! Don’t be so silly!

    7) Mmmmm…possessiveness, you’ve explained it wrong, the women you appear to be describing is someone with serious issues. Goodness, I’ve cried around twice in front of my boyfriend and it was nothing to do with him and telling me how lovely I am would not have helped (family issues). We’ve been together for 2 years btw.

    8) Testing…nope, never asked what my guy’s thinking. I ask theoretical questions sometimes but it’s not to test him, more to learn a little about him, it’s a bit fun and something to talk about.

    9) Only cried twice 🙂

    10) Hmmm, my boyfriends more likely to take the innocent line, but it’s ok because he’s a sweetheart.

    Perhaps if you treated your girlfriends right you wouldn’t be having to put up with this crazy shit! The crying in your arms thing though…I think I would leave in your situation.

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