WWDC 2010: New iPhone 4G and Safari 5 announced?

wwdc-2010 WWDC 2010: The Apple World Wide Developer Conference will start today in San Francisco. The new iPhone, the iPhone 4G (as a lot of people call it) seems to be on top of the Steve Jobs announcements rumors list.

Apple has made a habit of announcing its newest phones at Apple WWDC events almost every year. Even more, Gizmodo got a hold of a prototype a while ago and Apple got it back after the story made headlines a while ago. Apple even banned Gizmodo from the WWDC, just to teach them a lesson.

Rumors on the internet tend to suggest that the Apple iPhone 4G that Steve Jobs will announce at WWDC 2010 is the very same device that got into Gizmodo’s hands.

Another rumor  says that the new Safari browser, Safari 5, will also be announced at the Apple`s event starting on Monday in San Francisco.

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