Your scary mask for this Halloween

Halloween masks Makeup is a good way to turn yourself into the scary witch or ogre for the party, but some of us simply lack the artistic hand to do so, or there is no time to apply an elaborate Halloween makeup before you leave. If this is you, don’t worry – go shopping around and find what best suits your idea.

Why should I use a mask, you might ask. Well, there are several reasons for considering a Halloween mask. First of all, they are much easier to take on and off than the special paint used for scary makeup. This means that you can revert to your normal self in two moves in the morning instead of spending minutes, tens of minutes, or even hours removing your scary face in front of a mirror.

Halloween masks are available in a variety of shapes and forms, from the traditional scaries like Dracula and Frankenstein to the modern, more popular movie monsters like Edward Cullen, Bella or Alice from the latest installments of the popular Twilight movies. You can turn into Iron Man or The Hulk, Optimus Prime or C3PO for the party or for some good, old-fashioned trick-or-treating. You can also choose hilarious scaries like iGor fron The Young Frankenstein, Fester from The Addams Family, or even cousin It – although this option requires something more than a costumeā€¦

Happy Halloween, and have fun!

Anna Mitchell

She is the editor in chief of the Club Femina. She usually writes about the latest buzz. She loves fashion and shopping as she is an Information Technology student.

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